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Lord Edmund-Davies Legal Education Trust

The Lord Edmund-Davies Legal Education Trust, or LEDLET for short, is an independent charity established in 2013 by seven volunteer trustees drawn from the membership of the Association of London Welsh Lawyers. LEDLET aims to serve young people living in Wales or having a connection with Wales who are interested in entering the legal profession.


In particular, LEDLET was founded to ensure that no one in society concludes that their background will prevent them from taking up a career in the law.


In essence, LEDLET’s goals fall into two categories:


  1. First, LEDLET intends to ensure that all young people in Wales have an opportunity to at least consider the possibility of a career in the law whether as a solicitor, barrister or legal executive;

  2. Second, it proposes to provide educational experiences that will encourage and support those drawn to such careers in their efforts to pursue them. 


LEDLET’s motto is the Welsh, ‘Anela’n uchel’ - in English, ‘Aim high’ - and overall that is what it hopes to encourage all young people in Wales to do.


Learn more about LEDLET at its website here:

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